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A letter from a very satisfied customer

Dear Patchway Plumbing,

I wanted to get in touch with a testimony of your services that you may use for promotion if you wish. As I made very clear throughout the time of which you are working at my home, I strongly believe that you are without a doubt the best plumbers service provider I’ve ever experienced, I’d like to provide the story for potential customers and thank the company once again.

After a couple of years saving up to redo the bathroom in our home we finally reached a point where we could get it done.

Myself and my husband decided to do this for our own pleasure as well as to add value to our home. As me and my partner have no knowledge of plumbing ourselves, we had to find a service that could help us with the whole process. This Bristol based plumbing service immediately made us feel confident and comfortable by helping us decide how best to realise our design dreams. They Spoke clearly and we’re very upfront about costs, not hiding them behind a barrage of words. Once we settled on the fixtures and other parts, I was able to witness our ideas become physical objects which transformed our home within just 2 weeks. Even when I was panicking and concerned about my bathroom, the team always managed to stay professional and keep me relaxed and confident. When it was completed it felt as if we were in a new home, and to thank for this feeling we can only really thank the specialists at Patchway Plumbing and I do so the only way I know how, in this letter giving my upmost recommendation and praise for their service.

The mess associated with plumbing work was nowhere to be seen once the team had finished , my house was arguably cleaner!

I wish you all the best,

Jane Matthews, Filton.

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